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How to make the upgrade and live more consciously

by Polly N on January 14, 2014

Today is a BIG day. Have you ever been so excited about something you might burst? Well, that’s exactly how I feel right now and here’s why. For months, I have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes on something very special that I have created, especially for you. Eight years ago my life changed […]


Happy New Year! I love the new year because it is filled with the possibility of so much promise of what could happen in the next twelve months. I always make plans and goals so I know what I want to achieve on a personal and professional level so I normally know what’s coming up […]

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Latest health update and shop SALE!

by Polly N on November 11, 2013

Today I turn 32 – it’s my birthday! And when I celebrate, it means that you get to celebrate too so read on to find out how you can get your hands on some awesome prizes and make savings on some shop products. I have been so busy working away behind the scenes on something […]


How to make a vision board and why you need one

by Polly N on September 11, 2013

The other night, I was curled up on the sofa cutting out images and words from magazines and happened to write on my Facebook page that I was working on my vision board. There were a few different repsonses to this; some were from people who had recently updated theirs and others simply asked what […]


Taking a little break

by Polly N on May 24, 2013

Do, do, do, strive, create, achieve. Yes that’s pretty much what I have been doing consistently for the last 3 years and it’s now time for me to take a little break. My first book “The Cancer Journey -Positive Steps to Help Yourself Heal” was a massive achievement for me and it’s now time for […]


30 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

by Polly N on February 7, 2013

So far, I have shared with you a lot about my health but today I want to share a little more so you can get to know who I really am and what I’m really like! This is scary but quite fun too. So I hope you enjoy reading these little known facts about me! […]


I lived in London for 10 years and every morning I would trundle into central London to my job as Personal Assistant to the Vice President of Sony Playstation and other media companies after that “looking for my purpose in life.” Unlike ALL of my friends, after sixth form college I had absolutely no desire […]


The 10 things I did to heal my Lymphedema

by Polly N on February 4, 2013

Ever since I said in a magazine interview that I healed the lymphedema I had in my leg after the extraction of cancerous lymph nodes around my pelvis area followed by chemo and radiotherapy, I have received hundreds of emails asking how I did it. I have also coached people with lymphedema helping them to […]


“New Year, New You” Event

by Polly N on January 15, 2013

It’s often at this time of the year that the healthy eating regimes kick in and we take time to asses our health, make changes and plan ahead for the year to come. I’m a big fan of hunkering down, braindumping all the things I want to experience and what I want to put out […]

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It’s fair to say that 2012 hasn’t been the best year for me. In fact, it’s been a downright shitty one thanks to my ill-health. You never know what is around the corner or what this magical rollercoaster of life has in store at the next turn but I am happy to say that I […]

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