7 Day Kickstart Group Program

Thanks for checking out the group coaching program. The doors are now closed but get yourself on the waiting list to be notified as soon as the doors are open again…



7 Day Kickstart Group Program

Launch 6th June

“I very much enjoyed taking part and have learned so much”

“I believe it was all the hard work you did Polly in arranging a 1-week menu plan/shopping list. It was my saving grace. Thank you”

“The 7Day Kickstart e-book with the recipes was a fabulous resource and one I will continue to use.”

“Everyone should give it a go :-) x”

A 7 day program that runs alongside the 7 Day Kickstart eBook outlined below. Join up and get live support with Polly to help you get started on eating raw to make this transition time as easy as possible. I’ve done all the work for you – all you need to do is read, listen up and put into practice!

In addition to receiving the eBook “7 Day Kickstart – The Beginners Guide To Eating More Raw”, you will be guided through the below modules giving you everything you need to know to going raw successfully;

  • Module 1: Your SuperSelf
  • Module 2: Crowding Out
  • Module 3: Getting it together
  • Module 4: Ahead of the Game
  • Module 5: Inspire Me
  • Module 6: Shift City
  • Module 7: Raw & Beyond

Module 1: Your Superself

  • Why clarity on what level of health you want to achieve is crucial to changing your diet
  • How ‘getting real’ with yourself will give you the motivation you need
  • Why your thoughts hinder your success and how to overcome them
  • Wave goodbye to the old and say hello to your new FABULOUS SuperSelf!
  • Funsheets that will keep you on the right path that you get to keep forever and use time and time again.

Module 2: Crowding Out

  • You’ll learn what are the top 5 worst offender foods
  • Out with the old – what is ‘crowding out’ and how to do it effectively
  • In with the new – learn what the top 5 food groups to introduce to your diet are and why
  • Why starting small = big difference

Module 3: Getting It Together

  • You’ll learn what my top 3 pieces of kitchen equipment are that make it easy for me to stay raw
  • What equipment is essential to saving pennies AND maximising your nutritional intake
  • How to stay raw while the rest of your household stays cooked
  • Cupboard Chaos – why this could be your downfall and how to avoid it!

Module 4: Ahead of the Game

  • You’ll learn why menu planning is key and how it can take the stress out of staying raw
  • How to food shop, when, where and how often
  • My one-stop solution to shopping when you have very little time

Module 5: Inspire Me

  • You’ll create your own recipe book to keep you inspired, motivated and creative in the kitchen
  • You’ll learn the fundamental elements that makes the difference between a good recipe and a rubbish one!
  • Why variety is important and how to keep the ‘raw spark’ alive

Module 6: Shift City

  • How going raw will not only upgrade your health but upgrade your LIFE
  • Why detox is a fundamental part of moving towards health and happiness
  • You’ll learn how to create a ‘soul space’ and how it can help you achieve your goals
  • Reframing your life with your new SuperSelf

Module 7: Raw and Beyond

  • Why eating raw is more than a ‘diet’
  • You’ll learn how to travel raw successfully
  • How to manage cravings
  • How to maintain the raw lifestyle day-to-day


2 LIVE group teleclasses

  • Monday 6th June – Introduction to the 7 Day Kickstart
  • Thursday 9th June – 3 Day Follow up teleclass

Polly will be conducting 2 live teleclasses where she will be talking more about the raw food diet and lifestyle, how to achieve optimum health and wellbeing and answering all of your questions.(Recordings will be sent out incase you’re not able to attend so you won’t miss out!)

Value for Money

I can’t tell you how valuable all of the information contained within this program is. Everything is clearly set out for you with exercises and tools that will allow you to create your ideal diet and lifestyle.

I would have to value it at approximately £800! But I want you to get started on the road to health and happiness asap and to make it available to as many people as possible I am offering the program at just £49. This is the ONLY time this program will be this price so if you want in, I’d love to have you. PLUS you also get the “7 Day Kickstart” ebook valued at £15 making the program investment just £34 which is amazing value for money. (I know I’m biased but it really is!)

NOTE: This is likely to be the only time this year that this program will run in this format with LIVE support so if you want to ask Polly your questions, now is the time!

Offer ends Midnight Saturday 4th June. There’ll be no special offers – this is it. When the offer is closed, it’s closed.

Are you ready go RAW?


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