jess ainscough

Polly Noble’s strength and resilience is so inspiring and I’m proud to have her as my wellness sister. Her books are beautifully written, her recipes are absolutely drool-worthy, and her honest writing and raw and real account of her cancer journey is captivating. I love this girl!

Jess Ainscough | The Wellness Warrior



Polly is the real deal and a true wellness warrior. Her site is a great go to place for all things health and wellness. She’s a true inspiration with a big beautiful heart. She pours so much love into everything she has created and continues to create. Polly’s warmth makes you feel like she’s your bestie and that she has got your back. I love this woman.

                                             Melissa Ambrosini | Path to Wellness


juli novotny

As a health activist and “green” chef, I can’t tell you how happy I was to see what Polly is promoting and all that she stands for. Her knowledge about real food diets and healing of the soul and body is as profound as her own health journey. She’s not only creative and smart in the kitchen but she has a special eye for design as well.

                                            Juli Novotny | PUREmamas


Jessica Nazarali

Polly Noble is a true inspiration for anyone wanting to lead a healthy life full of positive intentions. I am in awe of her for what she has been able to achieve and thank her for the beautiful impact she has had on my life and the world.

Jessica Nazarali | Live Healthy Simply


Tanya Better Raw

Polly’s work is highly inspiring and her enthusiasm is contagious. She has a huge heart and a very generous soul. I am always amazed at her drive and motivation for her own health and that of her clients. Nothing stands in her way to help others and this makes her a very unique and brilliant coach.

Tanya Alekseeva | Better Raw


debbie spellman

Polly is one of the most inspirational people I have met. Her journey has been challenging to say the least yet she has approached this with inner courage and strength that is admirable. Not only is she a woman who can teach you how to overcome adversity, she is a talented raw food coach and chef! Polly inspired me to undertake a one month raw food challenge and her 7 Day Kickstart ebook was my valued companion! She helped me to plan and create fantastic recipes that not only tasted great but were so beneficial for my body. Needless to say the results were astounding! I had so much more energy and my mind was so clear – no more afternoon slump and I felt lighter and much more energised about life. Whether you are a raw foodie or simply desire to embrace a healthier mind and body Polly is your go to girl.Debbie Spellman | Detox Your Mind

robin daly

Polly is a force to be reckoned with. Faced at a tragically young age with a recurrence of cancer following conventional treatment, she decided to take matters into her own hands and set about finding her own way forward. This has meant a personal lifestyle revolution in which none of her habitual ways of being were safe from scrutiny. The spin off from this revolution has been an amassing of specialised knowledge and experience, not least of all the experience of how much wellness is in our own hands, if we know where to find it. Polly has taken this all a step further in her decision to share her discoveries with us all, and thereby to act as both signpost and inspiration to the tragically accelerating numbers of us who face a diagnosis every year, and who desperately need answers and a way to fully engage in transforming the culture that is driving this epidemic. Her book, her lively website, her public talks, her personal coaching, even her own food brand, all spring directly from her real world experience and bear all the hallmarks of practical authenticity – inspirational!Robin Daly | Yes to Life





“I’m absolutely loving the book. I’ve gone from a diet of toast and biscuits to about 70 per cent raw and I feel amazing – as you would after eating mostly sugar all day. Mental clarity, focus, brain function is so much clearer. I have more energy, I’m happier, I’ve lost my ‘carb face’! Who knew a change of diet could have such a massive impact?! Thanks so much.” Nikki

“I have been making 1-a-day from your 7 Day Kickstart book!! Absolutely loving everything especially the Caesar salad!! (even my husband and daughters love that one!)” Sarah Delor 

“I purchased your 7 day Kickstart Ebook and I love it! :) :) :)” Oli

“Oh I’m doing great – lost 5lb already in 4 days!! I’m doing good on raw.” Nichola Flood

“My hubby and I tried your Popeye salad, and we LOVED it!! I’m now eating spinach and avacado on a regular basis – Love it!!! ” Kirsty Elwood



sue halfyard

Hi Polly, I am truly impressed!  I just wanted to say thank you very much. The Matstone 6in1 juicerI ordered from you on the 24th has today arrived. 7 days from the UK to Spain is remarkable!  Just about to open it up – very excited. Thank you so much. Sue Halfyard



“Oh Polly it was such an awesome day. Lovely people, incredible food, and you are so inspiring. Thank you so much. Especially for the life changing houmous!” :-) hope to see you again soon.” Charlotte Askew

“Fabulous day, thanks! You effortlessly shared your knowledge! Cant wait to keep experimenting, with much more confidence! Amazing! Big hugs!” Sarah Butler-Ford 

“Polly – so lovely to meet you today. Your raw food workshop is brilliant and I can’t wait to start making some of the yummy recipes for my family. I am especially excited about the sweeties/puddings and replacing some of the ‘nasties’ that my children currently eat! I learned lots and feel very inspired, motivated and excited about eating more raw food and spiralising everything in the fridge! lol! Keep up the great work, and keep well!” Linda

“Oh my gosh…….Your workshop and it was so inspiring and amazing :) I can’t wait to make Pasta Pomodoro & Pad Thai for dinner tomrrow. I’m so excited about it all over again & it has given me so much more info & ideas to use:) Thank you Polly you are amazing” Claire

“The highlight of the summer so far is without a doubt Polly’s raw food class. I’m not entirely new to raw but I get nervous when it comes to making some recipes. Not knowing how they are going to turn out, or what they are going to taste like, can be quite daunting but Polly shows you how it should be done with grace and humour. And I’m glad to say that the crackers I already make at home look like Polly’s so at least I know I’m doing it right! Every recipe she made came with advice on how to prepare it for the best results and of course we got to try everything. I was stuffed by the end of the day! Everything was delicious. Polly’s enthusiasm is catching and I spent the next day in the kitchen trying out the things I’d learned and even had the confidence to substitute some ingredients when I couldn’t find what I needed in the cupboard following her advice. Great tips on all sorts of things, from storing water, soaking, dehydrating and buying bulk all came courtesy of the gorgeous Miss Noble. And her knowledge of all things raw and ‘cancer-busting’ was amazing. Polly is an inspiration to anyone living with or without cancer. She practices what she preaches and it shows. I can’t wait for her follow-on class. I’ll be first in the queue. Thanks Polly, you’re a star xx” Helen Barker

“At a time where there is so much conflicting information out there it can be confusing about best way forward with food and nutrition. Having done a few courses I found Polly’s raw food class a refreshing change, others have been quite purist in the approach but this was a practical introduction showing how achievable it is to eat raw on a daily basis without spending hours in the kitchen. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn more about the benefits of a raw food diet and making the changes to then implement it afterwards. The class was a real mixture in terms of the knowledge and experience of raw food but Polly was able to answer any questions, the reason for this is that she lives it whereas others just teach it. Polly recognises that one size doesn’t fit all and provides helpful advice to differing requirements whether it be time, budget….A key thing that I took from yesterday that we should listen to what our body is telling us!”Dan O’Sullivan


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Olivia Pelaez November 21, 2012 at 7:10 pm

Hi Peggy!
After reading last months issue of “This Girl Means Business” I was inspired to reach out to you! I checked out your website and I love what you have created! It is very aligned with what I do with WaveMakers International- an international team of entrepreneurs leading people to designing their best life in health and wealth. I have a potential way that we can work together that I think could be very powerful for your brand.I have set up a few partnerships with some other female health/wellness blogs that is working phenomenally i.e.. & I think it would be a fantastic way to build an international presence for your brand while offering your readers top-quality products and an additional income stream for you.

Looking forward to connecting with you to learn more about the amazing things you are doing and explore this idea further! Feel free to email me or we can connect over skype as well.
In health,
Olivia Pelaez


Mariah June 19, 2013 at 1:33 pm

~ Hi Polly ~
I am 17 years old and I just wanted to let you know that I think you are an incredibley strong woman and that I absolutely adore your recipes.
Love Mariah Xx


Linda Caines October 13, 2013 at 2:16 pm

Hi Polly
Just wanted to say how much I love your site, like a one stop shop for healthy living!
You have certainly inspired me to be more aware and try and live a more natural life. And I am beginning to embrace the raw food way, it just seems to make sense and your recipes look and sound fab!
Wishing you much love light and happiness
Linda x
ps love the choccie brownies!


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