The Clarity Cleanse is a 48 hour juice fast program designed to nourish you from head to toe.


What's so great about juicing?

1. Juicing raw fruits and vegetables simply gives us easy access to much-needed enzymes and nutrients while removing the daunting prospect of having to chow down on them. 2. The nutrients contained in fresh juices are utilized by the body far more quickly and easily than those the body obtains from solid food. A delicious juice is like a Ferrari – getting the nutrients to our sexy cells in super-fast time. Clarity cleanse banner

Why do a juice cleanse?

By taking a day or two every now and then to do a juice fast, you can give your body a chance to rid itself of toxins, kick-start the body's natural healing mechanism and as a result boost energy and restore health. We are all exposed to various air pollutants, chemicals (in some foods and probably your skincare unless you're chem-free) and technology smog which have a very negative impact on your body which can manifest as an illness or condition either now or later in life.  During a cleanse, your body rids itself of the toxins and as your cells start to regenerate, healing mode kicks in. You don't have to have a serious illness to benefit from a juice fast - anyone and everyone can reap the rewards by giving your body a rest from energy-zapping digestion.

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Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants are essential for good health.


Why should I detox?

Although the body has a detoxification system that works continuously, the sheer volume of toxins that we are subjected to everyday can overwhelm the body, causing a myriad of unwanted results, from lack of energy to more serious ailments and diseases. By consuming nothing but raw fresh juice for a weekend, you give your body the chance to use the energy that would otherwise be used to break down and digest food, elsewhere. This often results in the body healing other parts that are in need of repair. I have experienced the wonderful benefits of juice feasting many times which is why I'm so passionate about it. I will be with you throughout your juice feast, teaching you tips and tricks that will make your detox experience a whole lot easier. I also hope that you will enjoy it so much that it becomes a part of your life, whether you do it just once a month or once a year. Any assistance you can give your body to rid itself of its toxins will greatly improve not only how you look but how you feel - which is the important thing. We all want to burst with energy and vitality don't we?

What results can I expect to see & feel?

The level of results seen and and felt does differ for each person but in general there are a number of benefits you can expect:
  • Improved & more restful sleep
  • Weight loss of anywhere between 2-3 pounds
  • Increased energy
  • Brighter looking skin
  • Sparkly white eyes
  • Clarity of mind
But don't take my word for it, here's what the lovely Lianne had to say;
Lianne "WOW! What a difference a juice feast makes! I can't remember the last time I felt so clean from the inside out. What I loved most about doing the cleanse was that it really felt good taking time out for me and with an amazingly positive feel good outcome. The juices were delicious and whenever there was a small twinge of hunger it would be time for another juice. However by far the best thing about the whole experience is that now I feel that my diet has been realigned and all I feel like eating is healthy and alive food that makes me feel good. Thanks so much Polly, I look forward to making juice cleanses a regular part of my life." Lianne Llewellyn
  Not only will you feed your body liquid nutrition but you will help restore your natural desire for healthy foods so if you do suffer from food cravings, especially sweet ones, then this juice fast will help to set you back on track.  

What's inside this ebook:

  • 40 page full colour ebook with information on:
  • How juicing can benefit you
  • How to get started
  • Why you need to detox every now and then
  • Juicing tips - how to get the best out of your juice and juicer
  • What equipment you will need and how to juice without a juicer!
  • Cleanse Companions; tools to improve and maximise the benefits gained and ramp up the detox and healing process
  • Shopping list; no need for you to count cucumbers - I've done it for you.
  • Check-In sheets to help you see and feel the difference
  • 11 delicious juice recipes
  • Natural face mask recipe
  • Life coaching segment to help regain focus on your "life path"
  • Detox salad recipe and more..
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