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The healing power of deep nourishment

by Polly N on April 29, 2014

Guest post by Elizabeth Butler MSc Dip ION During the course of my career as a nutritional therapist, working mainly with those living with cancer, I’ve come to believe that it’s not the physical changes we make that matter most to our health, but the way we take care of our mind and emotional wellbeing. […]


Ever daydream about what the future might look like or use your imagination to consciously create what you’d like it to look like? Yes I do that a lot too. It’s part of one of the tools I use to attract experiences and things into my life with the help of my vision board. And as […]

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They say there is a natural cure that exists on Planet Earth for every illness or ailment which I believe is true; the trick is finding it (and hoping the big pharmas haven’t got their hands on it yet & converted it into some money-making drug). I also believe that we can look to nature […]


8 Things I’m Loving

by Polly N on September 9, 2013

Every now and then I like to do a round up of things I am loving in the hope my little finds are of use to you too. So here you go: 1. InnerMe InnerMe is your ultimate destination for choosing the right supplements for your beauty regime. I also happen to have been chosen […]

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Heard about meditation? Yes most people have. Tried meditation? Yes some people have….for about a MINUTE! Nearly every person I speak to about meditation tells me they would like to learn how to do it ‘better’ which always makes me smile because us humans have a need and desire to succeed at everything and when […]


Using Australian Bush Flower Remedies For Health

by Polly N on August 19, 2013

Guest post by contributor Anna Rodgers I’m an Aussie living in the UK and whilst I’ve always known that there are some pretty special things about the country; the weather, the down to earth people, the fact that its so darn big and can take a lifetime (and then some!) to visit all of the […]

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Polly’sPathTV:Juice chat with Joe Cross

by Polly N on July 17, 2013

There are a lot of perks to my job and spending half an hour on Skype talking to the lovely Joe Cross is certainly one of them. Joe is the subject of his own documentary ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ which I had the pleasure of seeing at the London premiere a few weeks ago […]


Friday Focus: Diana Brook

by Polly N on May 3, 2013

What is your health philosophy and what motivates you to live this way? To let my inner light shine!  I am a firm believer that looking good and feeling great is an inside job.  I live from the heart rather than being ruled by my head.  It’s a great way to keep those fearful thoughts […]


The 4 ways IIN has changed my life

by Polly N on February 22, 2013

A few years ago, I studied at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition for both the progression of my health coaching business and my own personal health. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it but having finished the training which has been invaluable, I have gained so many things from taking that step which […]

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The 10 things I did to heal my Lymphedema

by Polly N on February 4, 2013

Ever since I said in a magazine interview that I healed the lymphedema I had in my leg after the extraction of cancerous lymph nodes around my pelvis area followed by chemo and radiotherapy, I have received hundreds of emails asking how I did it. I have also coached people with lymphedema helping them to […]

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