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The 10 things I did to heal my Lymphedema

by Polly N on February 4, 2013

Ever since I said in a magazine interview that I healed the lymphedema I had in my leg after the extraction of cancerous lymph nodes around my pelvis area followed by chemo and radiotherapy, I have received hundreds of emails asking how I did it. I have also coached people with lymphedema helping them to […]


Review: Purifyne Cleanse

by Polly N on December 22, 2012

I have written before  about my love for detoxing and the retreats that I go on myself as well as the retreats that I facilitate in Turkey, Ibiza and the UK. But sometimes it’s not always possible to get away so home detoxing is the next best thing. I decided to try Purifyne’s 5 day […]


By now you should know I am a juice junkie – I love the stuff, not just because it tastes good but because it’s good for me. Green juice is my favourite because it is alkalising, anti-inflammatory and packed full of oxygen and chlorophyll which my cells love! In my opinion, it’s never too late […]


RECIPE: Strawbmelon “Lemonade”

by Polly N on September 7, 2012

It’s a beautiful sunny day and I had a craving for something fruity and refreshing so I whipped up a fruit juice from what I had left in my fridge; the remainder of a punnet of strawberries that needed eating before going too soft, some watermelon and a few other bits thrown in.   Strawbmelon […]


Cool as a cucumber

by Polly N on June 25, 2011

It’s set to be a stonking hot day tomorrow so to help you cool down, here’s a recipe that will hydrate, refresh and cleanse. And it may just help to make your skin glow – double bonus! Yep, that’s all thanks to silica known as the beauty mineral which cucumber is packed with! If you’ve […]


This post is an informational one today; I’ve just confirmed another date for my next raw food class taking place in Cambridge. Places for the March classes are all sold out now so April will be the next date. I hope those of you that emailed me to say you were disappointed you couldn’t make March’s […]


RECIPE: Food Journal

by Polly N on February 4, 2011

I get asked a lot what I eat everyday so I thought it might be useful to give those of you wishing to transition to a more alkaline plant-based diet a run-down of my daily intake. So today I was at home and visited in the afternoon by my gorgeous friend Lucy and her baby […]

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The Big Red

by Polly N on November 9, 2010

Red cabbage isn’t something that used to feature regularly in my diet – mainly because I didn’t really know what to do with it nor did I possess much desire to eat it as it was. Let’s face it, it isn’t that appetizing compared to other delicious vegetables such as peppers, courgettes and avocados. But […]


Crabby Beet

by Polly N on October 19, 2010

If someone had have told me 8 months ago I’d be drinking cabbage juice, I would have thought they were crazy! But they’d have been right! Well, it’s not strictly true as I don’t drink cabbage juice straight as that would be crazy! The truth is, some of the things that are good for us […]


Red Red Wine

by Polly N on October 17, 2010

I have always enjoyed alcohol but unfortunately the sentiment has never been reciprocated. In fact alcohol really is not my friend. In the past, after a night out, I have woken up feeling like death. As soon as I opened my eyes, I would immediately feel this dread wash over me with my mind playing over the previous […]

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