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5 easy ways to upgrade your health

by Polly N on December 20, 2013

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, not only because it means spending precious quality time with my family, the people I love most in the world but because I get to give gifts. I get so much joy from buying things for those I love and seeing them unwrap it, their eyes […]


9 Foods you think are healthy but aren’t

by Polly N on October 9, 2013

There’s a whole lot of information out there about what’s healthy and what’s not which can make choosing the right foods tricky. There have been a few foods over the last few years touted as the best thing since green juice only to discover a little while later that we haven’t been given the whole […]


Guest Post by Laura Thomas OK here’s the thing, I’m a bit miffed at sugar. Why? I was your classic Miss Super Healthy growing up and the fountain of health tips to all my friends. I was onto the seeds from an early age and you’d never catch me with a white bread sandwich. However, […]

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Video: The Hidden Cost of Milk

by Polly N on February 12, 2013

I have shared with you a lot of information on why I am not a fan of milk and why you should jump on my bandwagon. To summarise what my post says here, it’s very pro-inflammatory which aggravates chronic diseases from arthritis to Crohn’s to heart disease to cancer; it’s extremely acidic and is often […]


Fancy a shot? What’s in your toxic flu jab

by Polly N on October 9, 2012

Like anyone, I like a drink and have been known to drink a shot or two in my time but today Im talking flu shots. My grandma asked my Mum whether she will be having one this year and I can safely say I will not. I’m just not into putting a load of foreign […]


Corn is Americas biggest Agricultural product and statistics say you will eat a pound of corn 37 times over this year alone. Check out this infographic below which clearly outlines how it is destroying our bodies and our environment.   Provided by:


6 Things I’m Loving

by Polly N on August 15, 2012

Today I’m introducing you to some things I am loving right now and hope you do too. If you are an avid reader of my blog you will know that I am always looking for the cleanest most organic natural products to use as possible in order to minimise my exposure  to nasty chemicals and […]


Chemical-free beauty at its best – Inika

by Polly N on July 29, 2012

I’m a girly girl and I like to wear makeup but finding good quality chemical-free makeup can be tricky. Which is why I was so excited to discover The gorgeous Abigail James, a super duper facialist that I had the pleasure of having a treatment with a few months ago in London let me […]


How to reduce radiation and redecorate safely

by Polly N on July 17, 2012

I am constantly looking at ways to reduce the amount of pollution and toxins that I consume and am exposed to so today’s post is dedicated to some exciting new finds I want to share with you.


12 Foods You Should Buy Organic

by Polly N on May 3, 2012

Last year I uploaded a blog post detailing the Environmental Working Group’s list of the cleanest vegetables and the most pesticide-ridden. And I just recently noticed that this list has changed slightly so I wanted to update you so that you make informed decisions around which foods you buy organic and which you buy conventional. […]

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