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Friday Foodie: In My Bowl

by Polly N on May 2, 2014

I am really excited today to introduce you to a brand new foodie, Alexandra Dawson who is a Washington based wellness warrior with a BA in Neuropsychology, concentrating in Eating Disorders & Obesity. She’s one very busy lady as not only does she make and blog the most delicious recipes, she is currently a post baccalaureate nutrition and […]


Friday Foodie: Heather Pace

by Polly N on April 4, 2014

Oooh do I have a treat for you today! When I began experimenting with eating just raw food, there were a few sites that I found myself stalking on a regular basis and today, we have the honour of getting to know the brains (and beauty of course) behind one of those sites that is […]


The thing that struck me when I first discovered Rachael Campbell was how much vibrancy and life seems to exude from every pore. She is an intuitive coach who helps people to find their inner voice, so they can create a life full of success, love and happiness. She also happens to be a brilliant […]


Have you discovered Ascension Kitchen yet? If not, you’re in for a real treat! Not only is the mastermind behind the gorgeous site Ascension Kitchen also the mastermind behind the awesome app Green Smoothies by AK but Lauren Glucina is also a fellow IIN certified health coach. I was fascinated to read about her father’s […]

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Every time the lovely Amy Lyons, the wonderful creator of the most amazing raw cakes you have ever seen posts a recipe, I always want to make it, try it and eat it. And I’m sure once you get to know her too, you will look forward to her recipe updates as much as I […]

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Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to a raw dinner party! These kinds of offers don’t come in very often (and not from people as talented as Russell James & Amy Levin) so I jumped at the chance to check out their digs and taste their awesome raw food. I was introduced […]


I love the weekends. They are a time to hang out with the ones you love. This weekend, I encourage you to PLAY. Yes, that is the theme of this weekend, for me anyway. One of my best friends is home for a few weeks from Australia where she now lives and I am so excited […]


One of the hardest things about changing your diet is dealing with the cravings for food you know you shouldn’t be eating, but secretly want to! So far, over the last few weeks I have  shared 5 raw recipes for breakfast and lunch options to give you some ideas of what you could switch your […]


For the 3rd instalment of the Kickstart series, here are 5 super quick, easy lunches to throw together when you’re in a fix but want to keep it clean and healthy. When you’re about to eat, consider the origin of the food and whether it is truly healthy. In your heart, you know the truthful […]

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WHY RAW? Get the lowdown…

by Polly N on July 9, 2013

I know what you’re thinking….So what IS all this fuss about raw food? I’ve  seen the celebrities sippin’ on green juices while carrying yoga mats and looking all L.A. dahhhling….dish the deets. Okay, ditch the coffee, plonk yourself down and let’s talk raw food. What does “Raw” mean? Raw food is the term given to […]

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